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Author Topic: AIRGUNS, PELLET, AND BBs  (Read 706 times)


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« on: May 14, 2013, 04:46:54 pm »
Today's pellet guns, can fire a pellet at supersonic speed, and penetrate a suprisingly thick piece of wood.  The not very exotic guns may approach the power of a .22, and exotic ones may be used to hunt large game. (not legally in Texas)  The ammo shortage has sparked a lot of interest in the use of pellet guns for range time, and fun.  You should be aware that most manufacturers use ultralight pellets to acheive the surprising velocities they advertise, and in the real world you can expect 100-200 ft per second less.

Knowing the laws concering a pellet gun is important for your safety, and pocketbook.  Here are the results of a bit of internet searching.


    According to the definitions provided by the Texas State Parks Department, air guns fall under the definition of arms and firearms. This category includes any sort of weapon by which a projectile is fired based off of an explosion, from compressed air or gas, or by some mechanical means (i.e., a compressed spring). It is against the law for a person to display or use any device that falls under the arms and firearms definition in a Texas state park unless that person is participating in a hunting activity, or they have written authorization to have and use that item.

Home Use

    If a person is firing a BB gun within their own home or on private property, it is not considered any sort of offense. While the force of a BB fired from one of these "weapons" may be enough to break glass or dent drywall, it isn't usually enough to cause actual injury. As long as a person doesn't attempt to cause injury to another person or damage any property that isn't theirs with the BB gun, there is no real restriction on using a BB gun on private property.

Projectiles that leave these guns and enter other properties can result in police involvement whether or not they do any damage. The use of these guns away from one's property is considered a class C misdemeanor which can carry up to a $500 fine.

In addition police are instructed to treat these guns like any other weapon when seen in public and will take action against anyone using this type of gun in public - regardless of age.

Texas: Does not allow the taking of any game animal with airguns, but does allow the taking of exotics. Therefore you can take rabbit, ground squirrels, prairie dog, coyote, bobcat, feral hogs, rams, and other non-indigenous species. You cannot take squirrel as they are a game animal in most of the state, though in certain areas they have been delisted and can therefore be taken with air power. Texas is my destination spot for big game airgun hunting.

The fly in the oinment is local regulations on shooting in the city limits. I have not found much information specific to Amarillo with a web search.  I would advise talking to perhaps the police?  In any case be very carefull not to upset neighbors.  Especially if you have a CCW.
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« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2013, 06:35:18 pm »
Search for "firearm", "air gun" etc. here.
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